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About Bit Right Way

About Us

We are a site that lists companies of the type HYIP (High-Yield Investment Program) and projects of investments of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

HYIPs are investment programs where the user makes cryptocurrencies investments and earns high incomes, but since they are not all flowers, the programs unfortunately close quite often, causing investors to lose their money many times.

Our site lists several programs by categories, such as paying and fraudulent HYIPs among many other factors.

When a new HYIP comes up, we do an analysis and study about its reliability and some other factors like security, liquidity and profitability.

If our team finds it convenient to invest in the project, we invest, we register on our site and we monitor it until it is paying us, for our users to know which HYIPs to invest and to know which ones they pay.

The moment she fails to pay us, we list her as a Scam.

We are a team of friends and investors who are always looking for new projects so we can invest and also tell our friends, thinking about it, we created Bit Right Way.

It is important for you to be aware that none of the sites presented and recommended by us are totally reliable. And this type of investment, while bringing a lot of profitability, brings with it an enormous insecurity that can stop paying at any moment, and as we like to say behind the scenes, are not high risk investments, are suicidal (laughs).

Cheer up! We work daily through the immensity of the internet by searching, studying and investing in several HYIPs, in order to bring the best indications to our friends and users of our site.

You need to know...

These HYIPs provide us with affiliate links and when a new investor, through our website and affiliate link, create an account and make a contribution to it, we earn a percentage of our affiliate's investment value, that commission is paid by HYIP and does not influence our end users at all.

Frequently asked questions

No. Like you, we are also investors and we present the HYIPs we are investing on our site.

Yes. Basically HYIPs pay old investors with the money of the new ones. At some point you will lose your investment in a HYIP, so we try to bring the best programs to mitigate your losses. Always use the strategy of diversifying your investments and invest only what you will not need.

Yes, we can say that it is possible, although we do not recommend it, especially if you are a beginner. It takes a bit of expertise and malice to get on with it. Follow our blog, social networks and our group on the Telegram to better understand the world of HYIPs and Cryptocurrency.

Our advice is: always diversify, do not be greedy and never invest an amount you are not willing to lose.

No. Some investment programs are registered companies and actually use your investment lawfully to be able to multiply your money. Generally these companies do not pay more than 30% a month (which is already a lot) and are already operating a long time, different from the HYIPs that hardly get to last 12 months and they pay you absurd values, as from 4% per day.

It's quite relative. Some last for 3 to 6 months, while others last for a few days, less than a month, but hardly more than 1 year.
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