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Caribbean Dream Scam

Caribbean Dream

About Caribbean Dream

CaribbeanDream is a large holding that includes several divisions, which are focused on a common result. Our main activity is investing in markets of various yields, accumulating the main income from interest on successful transactions.

The holding invests mainly in a combination of companies' equity securities, fixed income securities, promising projects with ICO and prospective cryptocurrency coins. To identify and use potentially profitable entry / exit points, we use our own analysis tools.

The holding invests in various areas of the economy and technology, regardless of the geographical location of the object, and we use the developed and only developing markets for profit. Thanks to an active investment management strategy and a clear balance between the components of the investment portfolio, the holding receives a steady income.

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  • Min Deposit: US$ 50.00
  • Max Deposit: US$ 500,000.00
  • Monitored:
  • Lifetime:

Plans: Passive income to 2.4% daily

Referral Rate: 7% - 2% - 1%

Withdrawal: Manual

Last Payment:


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2.7 daily for 14 days (principal back) - 5.4% daily...

  • Min Deposit: US$ 10.00
  • Max Deposit: US$ 100,000.00
  • Monitored:
  • Lifetime:

Plans: 2.7 daily for 14 days (principal back) - 5.4% daily for 28 days

Referral Rate: 5% -7% - 10%

Withdrawal: Manual

Last Payment:


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