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Innforex Scam


About Innforex

Headquartered in Belize, innforex is an innovative online marketing system. We have a group of partner companies bringing more credibility, security and structure to our clients and students.

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  • Min Deposit: US$ 100.00
  • Max Deposit: US$ 50,000.00
  • Monitored:
  • Lifetime:

Plans: Up to 2.5%

Referral Rate: 6%

Withdrawal: Manual


FXTRADING CORPORATION is a global company with many investors and entrepreneurs in the world. Already developed by a team of professionals currently in the area of FX and CRYPTOTRADING and they created the software. It also helps many investors make money from mining companies in ...Click review to read more



1.5% to 3% daily. Approximately 30% per month

  • Min Deposit: US$ 25.00
  • Max Deposit: US$ 255,000.00
  • Monitored:
  • Lifetime:

Plans: 1.5% to 3% daily. Approximately 30% per month

Referral Rate: 10%

Withdrawal: Manual


The knowledge that our Unick company is bringing is extremely revolutionary, taking paradigms that have been created over time, showing total accessibility to all the financial market. Displaying content on the world's largest Forex market and bringing as many people as possible to the new ...Click review to read more

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